Impact Skateboard Club is a non-profit organization which seeks to promote skateboarding among youth of all ages, particularly those who are under-served, marginalized, and from at-risk communities. Through the lens of skateboarding, kids will also learn about creative problem-solving, fostering leadership skills, community involvement, and achieving upward social mobility. Impact emphasizes an environment that encourages a sense of gratitude, and sharing of gifts and experiences with others in the creation of community.

Through programming and demonstrations Impact provides instruction to skateboarders of all skill levels, including complete beginners. We believe that the challenges and rewards of skateboarding can be incredibly valuable, and that having the right guidance and support will propel participants toward discovering the immense benefits of this activity.

Why skateboard?

skatecatWhat separates skateboarding from other physical sports and activities is that its central components are determination, creativity, and self-invention, without the limitations of competition. It has been described as an individual team sport; through community and peer-motivation, progress and growth are made through one’s own efforts. This seemingly simple framework promotes constructive attitudes and skills which apply to many other areas of life. Life’s challenges are accepted and met with enthusiasm, and participants receive the support of an inclusive collective of skaters.


The instructors of Impact have benefitted from the positive effects of skateboarding and want to share their knowledge and experience. It is important to understand how to safely progress through the stages of learning, and when to push one’s limits. Emphasis is placed on developing a solid foundation of the basic skills, building on those skills, and enjoying the process. Advanced participants will be coached to improve their existing abilities and presented with new challenges.

SKATEBOARDING IS DIFFICULT! This is why learning and developing this skill can provide such a sense of accomplishment and self-confidence. As with many things in life, we all have strengths and areas of difficulty, but pushing through and persevering results in greater and greater improvement and makes all the effort worthwhile.

A photo by Matteo Paganelli. unsplash.com/photos/FhHGPO3aMsU