During each week of summer camp, participants come up with a team name and work on their very own skate video. The elements of production are explained and broken down, and group members decide their roles: director, editors, and music editors. All participants are given the opportunity to film and be filmed – beginners, long-time rippers, and everyone in between! Through encouragement, mentorship, and teamwork, groups put together a final product that showcases the skills and progress made by each participant in their week of skate camp, as well as the creative production of the team.

Here are this summer’s videos:

Session 9 – “British Tacos”

Session 8 – “Tony Hawk’s Little Skaters”

Session 7 – “Helmet Hair”

Session 6 – “Puddle Magnet”

Session 5 – “First Try; No Help”

Session 4 – “Senders”

Session 3 – “NO”

Session 2 – “Unicorn Sprinkles Gang”

Session 1 – “Llamas Should Be Extinct”